Pricing is super simple. You pay for the WINE plus the DESIGN FEE plus the CUSTOM LABELS.

Wine ranges from $10 to $15 per bottle, depending if you want white, rose or red, and how many bottles you purchase.
White & Rose are $13/bottle or $10/bottle if a case or more is purchased. Red is $15/bottle, $12 is the case price.
Cases may be mixed as long as at least 12 bottles are purchased.

Design fee is $10 per custom label. If you want one design on an entire case, it’s $10. If you want two bottles and each has a different design, it’s $20. If you re-order later with the same design, there is no additional design charge.

Custom labels are $3 each. Quantity doesn’t matter.

So if you purchase one bottle of white, one bottle of red, one design on both bottles, that’s $13+$15+$10+$6 = $44.
Or a case of 12 that’s half red, half white, two different labels, that’s algebra.  (6x$12)+(6x$10)+(2x$10)+(12*$3)=$188.

Plus tax of course.